2019 Projects

The 2019 Projects are below.  Please join us!

For donation opportunities, please go to the 2019 Donation Opportunities page.



San Carlos Charter School Garden Project

Help build gardens at San Carlos Charter School! We are building a small garden in the front of the school and a large upper garden that is approximately 1,600 - 2,000 square feet. The gardens will serve multiple purposes on campus including growing vegetables, California native plants, a butterfly sanctuary, and a five-senses learning environment. Our gardens will also function as outdoor classrooms and gathering space for teachers, students, staff and parents, as well as provide education on sustainability, composting and rainwater collection. Please join us from 10am-12pm.

one life counseling.jpg

Help one life counseling center with upkeep tasks

One Life Counseling Center is a nonprofit mental health therapy center in San Carlos that offers free and low cost mental health services.  They need some help with upkeep tasks and general repairs in their San Carlos Avenue office from 9am-11am.


Love to fix things? If you are a handy guy or gal, you can have fun helping your fellow San Carlos neighbors. Based on community-based Fixit Clinics, this is an interactive workshop where neighbors, friends, and families work collectively to learn how to repair broken items together. 

Come join us for this always popular project at the San Carlos Library from 10am-12pm. Please indicate whether you are attending as a handy guy or gal or if you are looking for guidance with an item that needs to be repaired.

*this is a free community service mentoring project and there is no guarantee that items can be repaired.


music and memory with residents of the elms

Music and Memory is a program that uses tailored music playlists to help patients suffering from dementia through musical connection.  This project seeks adult and older teenage (with parent) volunteers from 10:30am-12:30pm.


Arroyo School Beautification Projects

Come work on a variety of projects to beautify and clean the school campus. The projects include making improvements to the front entrance, wild zone, lunch area, and garden. Work may include carpentry, heavy lifting, painting, and gardening. Two shifts are available from 9am-11am or from 11am-1pm. Children are welcome with an accompanying adult.

Arroyo School Garden Rejuvenation

Arroyo School’s garden needs volunteers from 9-11am. Children over the age of 8 are welcome.


Mariposa Beautification Project

Help us make our new Mariposa campus beautiful! We will have various projects including clean-up, painting, and gardening from 9-11am. Children 8-12 years old are welcome with a supervising adult. In addition, we’ll have a landscaping project (adults preferred) to prune, weed, and paint. Please bring gardening gloves, pruning tools, and any other tools.

industrial arts.JPG

Industrial Arts District Clean Up

Come help beautify the Industrial Arts neighborhood in San Carlos! Volunteers will clean up litter in the area and spread mulch around greenery. All ages are welcome. The project is from 9-11:30am.


Brittan Acres School Beautification Projects

Join us on the BA campus to help with a variety of projects to beautify and clean the school. The event will occur between 10am-1pm so volunteers are welcome to drop in for all, or any portion of that time. Children are welcome with an accompanying adult. If possible, please bring any gardening tools you may have. Pizza lunch and light refreshments will be served!


Heather School Beautification Project

Come work on a variety of projects to beautify and clean up Heather's campus. The projects include making improvements to the vegetation in the parking lot and front of school, wild zone, planters, and gardens. Work may include carpentry, gardening/weeding, and painting. Please bring gardening gloves and any preferred tools. Children are welcome with a supervising adult. Project is from 9am-11am.


Tierra Linda School Beautification Project

Help us work on a variety of projects to beautify Tierra Linda’s campus! Projects include gardening, painting, trash pick-up, power washing, and library improvements. Some projects are kid friendly. Volunteers with carpentry skills and power tools would be helpful. There will be two shifts available: 9am-11am and 11am-1pm.


Library clean up

Help beautify the library by dusting, cleaning, sorting, shelving, and crafting.  This project will have two shifts (9am-11am and 11am-1pm) and is suitable for kids with supervision.  There will be exposure to dust and cleaning materials.  


Sequoia village home & yard projects

Assist with various home and yard repair projects at the homes of older neighbors in San Carlos. Small groups of 4-5 people will travel to homes to help with maintenance projects from 9am-1pm. Children are welcome with parents.


Rock Painting with Seniors

Looking to spark your creativity with paint, rocks and fun while sharing conversation with the older and wiser in our community? Come join us at the Adult Community Center from 11am-1pm. Children age 9 and over are welcome with an adult.

laureola park.jpg

Planting at Laureola Park

Come work on landscaping projects at Laureola Park. Tools will be provided. Join us from 9am-11am. Children are welcome with an accompanying adult.

SC Ave park.jpg

Planting at San Carlos Ave Neighborhood Park

Come help do planting projects at San Carlos Ave Neighborhood Park from 9am-11am. Children are welcome with an accompanying adult.

arbor bay.png

Arbor Bay School Planter Box Painting

We will be painting the planter boxes in both patios and kids will help by lending their 'handprints' for the decoration. Project is from 9am-1pm and children are welcome!

san carlos childrens theater.jpg

Costume organization at san carlos children's theater

The San Carlos Children's Theater needs help organizing and sorting their costume closet.  Come join from 9am-12pm. Adults and children ages 10 and older.


One Step beyond garden project

We will be constructing and setting up raised beds for our garden program. This new program is meant to teach adults with special needs the environmental value and personal nutrition benefits of growing your own food and help build the skills necessary for the adults to accomplish gardening tasks on their own. Volunteers will be help construct standing/raised beds, fill them with soil, and get all the necessary tools/supplies set up. The project is from 10am-1pm. Children are welcome with a supervising adult.